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Image by Adi Goldstein
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Song Writer, Vocal Arranger



Just about every child dreams of being famous. The fancy cars, big houses and clout. Not me! 

My dream was just to be FREE and
MUSIC brought me FREEDOM!
Never in a million years, I could have imagine that my  "SONG WRITING" would one day become a hit single followed by MORE hit singles. All while creating the gift to travel & perform my songs all over the country!

Wellllll....the dream came true and this has been so un-surreal.
I love my GOD GIVEN Journey and I owe it all to the MOST HIGH & my fans.  Thank you~

Image by Marius Masalar

My Flow...

"I write about all things life.

If you have been around me and
have gone thru something good or bad,
you will hear about via my

Life brings music. Pain brings out the
reality of the melodies. Happiness ties it all together. Without life, there would be no song".

Image by Pablo Molina

My Peace..

Have you ever sat next to a stream?


Have you ever listen to the rain falling?

Every drop has its own Tone!

The grass when the wind blows 

creates its own Orchestra.

My Point?

MUSIC is everywhere and is everything.

My musical Mission is to extract meaning & use it from every element and moment in life...

And touch a life. 

Creating is what I live for~

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